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Are you ready to move forward and create new opportunities in times of change? For you and your business?

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Change of any kind is a process that takes determination, but the results are worth this effort. By developing new skills and behaviors that help us face the unknown with confidence, we can create a more joyful and productive life. I have developed a process that moves you toward your desired results. The B.A.S.E. Model for Change has served me and my clients well for many years. And it can also support you in your transition to a new desired reality.

Take the time to see what we offer, read some of the blogs, so you have an idea of my thinking, and explore the books I have written on the subject of change and transformation. Also, take that all-important step to reach out and schedule a complimentary meeting with me to explore how we can support you in creating a new and rewarding reality for your life.

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Leadership in Times of Change

Change and innovation are essential for the continued growth of any organization.

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Individual Coaching

Are you ready to move forward with purpose and confidence in your later years?

Group Coaching

The Circle of Freedom – A group coaching approach for Creating Possibilities and Seeing Opportunities


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Although change is not easy reaching your dreams is worth the effort. View our books including the newly published, Possibilities: Re-framing Life in Your Later Years with the B.A.S.E. Model for Change®.

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