The Circle of Freedom – A group coaching approach for Creating Possibilities and Seeing Opportunities?

Why Group Coaching?

Communities are an important element in healthy and productive lives. As we age, it is important to ensure this sense of belonging and to create new opportunities for shared experiences. As people move away from structured work environments, the natural communities created at work are no longer viable. Are you ready to start a rewarding journey into this new stage of your life? Your freedom years are ahead of you, and you can create the reality you want and deserve.

Participating in a group coaching approach is an effective way to find the support you need, where a coach works with a group of like-minded people to identify what matters most to you and help you reach your objectives.

circle of hands

The Circle of Freedom group coaching is a cost-effective way to use the benefits of coaching to explore various paths to create a new, productive, and exciting life in your later years. Age should not be a barrier to reaching your goals for an active life.

And now, more than in the past, you can benefit from the support of others who share your experiences. We offer both in-person and virtual formats to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

The Circle of Freedom is a unique 12-module, 6-month coaching program designed to support people who want to:

  • Learn more about ways to develop a winning mindset for longer and more productive lives.

  • Apply The B.A.S.E. Model for Change™ to facilitate long-term growth and transformation.

  • Learn and use the concept of bio-individuality to find the best life patterns that work best for you.

  • Create a personalized plan addressing 3 key elements for long-term productive lives: purpose, structure, and balance.

“There is more than one path to a creative and productive life. Each person is different and you have to find what works for you! It is important to develop habits that can support the changes that lead to a healthy and positive lifestyle.”
~Tiza Pyle, PhD

How the “circle” works:

  • Small groups (6-8 participants) to allow for a meaningful experience, where all members have an opportunity to participate and share learning
  • Two 90-minute meetings per month to provide time for full participation
  • Assessment of personal preferences to support the change process
  • Tools to support personal change and transformation
  • Joint accountability to reach goals
  • Support of people who share in the same experience
  • Learning materials: handouts, books, and other materials to support behavior modification and healthier lifestyles

Let’s Connect!

For a complimentary 30-minute introductory meeting, and to learn more about this exciting opportunity, please complete the form to schedule a meeting with Tiza Pyle, PhD.

Dr. Pyle is an experienced coach who focuses her practice on retirement coaching. She is certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as a Health and Wellness Coach, and has many years of experience facilitating group processes.

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